[Verse 1]

The best time of our lives
When all I wanna do
Is drink and get high 

At night
Hanging with my friends under the sky
I never wanna work again I'd rather die
No sleep that's the motto
Everywhere that I go
I party like I'm Bill Gates
Like I won the lotto

Bitches won't let go tho
They want my vibrato
no breaks, legato
I'm going full throttle

Where is the party I've got to go
Where is the ganja and the Marley I've got to blow
And I got the flow
My flow is so fine I'm flyin thru the time like a king

Movin faster than the wind in spring
I'm meant to sing like I'm meant to win in life
Life is a bitch but I'll make her my wife 

Time to discover
To make mistakes and find a hopeless lover
Then another
My dick is covered by a rubber
Bringing girls to my house
And playing under covers
Man I wonder
I wonder if my mother
Only knew what I was up to
The girls with the tattoos
Parties I go to things I get into
The places I've been to
Yes mom it’s true 

But it's summer
So we've got to learn to love one another 

[Verse 2]

Best of the best
Not like the rest
I swear I’ll make my momma proud
Hands on my chest

Born to be wild
Out of control
Rest in peace broke life
Write it on my gravestone

When I die
I want my body to be burned to ashes
Let my homies roll me up with kush
Light the matches

Then I’ll get to be with friends
Everytime they get high
No compassion
Like I never even died

I’ve got to feel alive
Even if it kills me
Dive off a cliff
If that what thrills me

Everyday is a blessing man
Give me freedom
Fuck the stressing man
Lose the evil

The reason why people
Feel defeated
Is easily fixed man
Love is needed

Don’t cry over things
Like a broken mirror
Just pick up the pieces
And you’ll see clearer